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IPL – An occasion of the entertainment amongst all Indians!!!

IPL Indian Premium League is a time when all the Indians are together not just to enjoy the sports of cricket but to celebrate it. A league that was founded by the BCCI in the year of 2007, as franchise-based T-Twenty matches. It is said that the then BCCI vice-president Mr. Lalit Modi was the mastermind behind this new and colorful league.

The Indian Premium League is contested in India every year during the months of April and May by eight teams representing eight different cities/states in India. The fondness and the mania for this league have made it the most-attended cricket league in the WORLD in the year 2014. It was ranked 6th by the average attendance among all sports league. This was the first ever cricket league in the world which was broadcasted LIVE on Youtube in the Year 2010. That is the craziness of the IPL!!!!

There have been a total of 11 seasons till now of the IPL. The last IPL title holders were Chennai Super Kings who won this league in 2018.

Now, talking about the 12th season of the IPL which has already mesmerized and swooned away the World since its rolled-out on 23rd March entirely in India. This season has not only took the fondness, craziness and the zeal to another level, it also brings some glaring changes within the team also. Like, from this league onwards the team “Delhi Daredevils” has changed its name to “Delhi Capitals” with a new and much more eye-pleasing logo.

The most interesting thing about this time’s IPL is that the finale of this match will be held when half of India will be casting their votes to their favored political party. So, it’ll be a task for all the cricket lovers to manage their time by not missing either the IPL match or casting their votes.

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