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Veerey Ki Wedding Movie Review – WebTafri


Critic’s Rating: **2/5
Duration: 2hrs 11mins
Director: Ashu Trikha
Writer: Dilip Shukla
Star Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Jimmy Shergill, Kriti Kharbanda


‘Veerey ki Wedding’ is curiously named. We say so as it almost exactly matches the other ‘Veere di wedding’ movie starring Kareena Kapoor. Don’t let that name confuse you as it did us, while we were making sure we were watching the right ‘veerey’ getting married. One hour into the movie, we had realized that even if we had come for the right veerey’s wedding, we had come to the wrong place.


Deepa Bakshi and Dilip Shukla penned the story for the movie which was surprising since it was difficult to find any. The hero (PulkitSamrat) in this 90’s inspired romantic drama enters with the usual swag that is frankly getting a little obnoxious in today’s times. The heroine (KritiKharbanda) is waiting off to be married and she is obviously the daughter of a well-to-do halwaai (Satish Kaushik). The proverbial hurdle to the knot comes just in time to sway the daughter’s father against the muscular (cough! cough! Salman Khan rip off) dulha. The groom’s histrionics and action-packed life (that’s the kindest we can be) doesn’t hold ground in front of the principled father. So the movie decides to wage war on all our auditory and visual senses for more than two hours, sometimes parading a cousin (Jimmy Shergill) who is pro-wedding, a suitor (Abhishek Duhan) who is well, not pro-wedding and some other forgettable characters.

Screenplay and Direction

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Ashu Trikha tries to weave the zig-zag scenes into something sensible that runs for two hours. But his attempts fails widely from the target. Veereyki wedding moves from one scene to the next in drunk locomotion with only the passage of time actually taking the story ahead and not the logical flow of events. We hoped for the more experienced actors in Satish Kaushik and Jimmy Shergill to shine through but were left hoping. The direction for some reason never leaves the daily soap formula and leaves much to be desired. The screenplay competes well with the direction in terms of mediocrity, and sometimes copiously goes out of existence.

Performances and Dialogue

We had always thought that PulkitSamrat would do great things after having watched Fukrey. We will have to wait for some more. The whole Dilli ka launda act in the movie is too clichéd and doesn’t bring anything new to the screen. Kriti Kharbanda is the usual pretty-face in the film and though she does anything else, we know that it’s not her fault. Jimmy Shergill as the day-saving cousin sweeps in to give that great performance which you think will save the movie. But he walks out before contributing anything of value to the flow or story. Satish Kaushik is his usual Punjabi-pelting self (we were reminded of Udtaa Punjab briefly) who wants to sell you his theories on ahimsa but we didn’t buy any. There is one particularly raucous Haryanvi cop played by Yuvika Chaudhry who would be very forgettable if not for her annoying imitation of the Haryanvi accent.

The dialogue writers of this movie were hired to pen lines that were as corny and forgettable as the screenplay, though it beats the others out of the park. With lines such as ‘Woh gul khilata hai lekin Veer to bagicha khilata hai‘ we threw out our thinking caps and assumed the worst.


What’s a good Punjabi movie without some Punjabi numbers? This movie isn’t the former but it brings in the latter, though not effectively. The music by the Meet Brothers brings in the usual suspects which will make their way into some DJ’s college gig and will then quietly wane into oblivion. The songs open with ‘Mind Blowing’ sung by Mika which introduces the hero. With the familiar Hinglish lyrics and Punjabi beats, the music ambles to its second track, ‘HattJa Tau’. For the uninitiated, this song is the stuff of legends in Haryana. But this neo-take doesn’t do anything that is worth noting and not even Sunidhi Chauhan can save it. The other tracks come and go like the characters in the movie and if you are not too careful, you will actual listen to all the songs without listening to any.

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Veerey ki Wedding is a movie that gets almost nothing right. If we wanted to give it a rain check for its well-meaning message and social angle, we didn’t find it. If we wanted to give it some leeway for Shergill and Kaushik, we found bits and pieces but not enough to sit through two hours of mangled, poorly put family drama. Veereyki Wedding can be given a miss unless watching every new release is your thing. Trust us- if you are not invited to this wedding, it just might be your lucky day.

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