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The Voice India Kids – Full of Talent, Fun & Cuteness

The Voice India kid is a reality show which features young singers between the ages of 6 to 14 years to showcase their talent in singing in front of the national audience. The show which is in its 2nd season now is a part of the Voice franchise and is mainly structured in three phases.

Blind Auditions

This is the very first stage of the show where the participants are made to perform in front of the judges. The concept of the round is such that the coaches/ judges have to sit having their back in front of the contestant. This takes out the partial judgment of choosing any contestant by looking at their personality on the stage. The contestants have a time span of at least 90 seconds to impress the judges with their singing talent.

If any judge likes the singing of the contestant than they can press I WANT YOU button in their chair which will turn their chair to face the contestant. This is for the first time the judge will see the contestant. Following this the contestant will come into the team of that particular judge/coach. If more than one judge turns their chair to face the contestant then the contestant has the independence to choose in which team he or she wants to go. If no judge turns their chair to face the contestant then the journey of the contestant will end there. A maximum number of 14 contestants can be accumulated in a team.

The Battle Round

After the selection of the respective team, the coaches mentor their participants to perform in the battle round. In this round the coaches trains their team members to perform against other teams where they are judged by all the other judges. A maximum of 2 members can come from the teams singing the same song.

Live Performance Shows

This is the final stage of the show from where the actual competition starts. A maximum of 7 team members can be kept by the judges after the second stage. This is where the contestants get the stage to make the audience mesmerize with their songs. Apart from the judges the audience also plays a vital role in these situations. They have to vote for their favorite contestant if they want him or her to stay in the show.

Popularity And TRP of The Show

The most important aspect of the show is that apart from the platform it provides for the young talents, the show gives the opportunity for the young talents to learn a lot of things from their respective judges. The judges can share their struggle with the young talents and properly guide them in a manner that can be best suitable to fit in the music industry. To learn the experience of the judges at a very young age and to get them as their teachers is a very big opportunity that the show gives to the youngsters. This type of reality show is very much new in the country and now with the arrival of 2nd season has gained more popularity. The show has been in the top chart of the TRP list for its presentation of show casing talent in a very different way starting from the unbiased judgment in the blind audition. As the contestants can directly learn from the judges their talents also improve in the show which presents a better result in front of the audience. The nation really looks forward to this show and their expectations are also helping the show maintaining the popularity.

The Talent At The Show

The show has been showcasing talent from the very first season. The very first winner of the show was Nishta Sharma from Uttar Pradesh who won a contract to singer under the banner of Universal Music. With the 12 contestants left, the second season has now become more interesting. The people of Bengal are really looking forward to the 3 contestants Nilanjana Ray, Niharika Nath and Shreemoyi Mondal. On the other hand Guntass and Tannishta Puri are fighting to continue the reign of Uttar Pradesh in the show. The show has become popular in the United States also thanks to Ishaan Tangirala from New Jersey. All the participants in the show are equally talented and as they have made so far the competition becomes much tougher now. It is to be look forward to the coming days that who overcomes the others to crown him or her the winner of the second season.

The Judges

The show has maintained the quality with their judges also. All of them have equally had golden years with their songs in the music industry.

Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya has always been a known name in the singing reality. He has spent a lot of years mentoring the contestants at Zee SA Re Ga Ma Pa. Apart from that he has always been a part of many reality shows. He still now has a glorious run in the music industry as a music composer as well as singer. His famous song “Ashiq Banaya Apne…” has fetched him not only many awards but also set his mark in the music industry.


Shaan has been a popular name in the music industry throughout his career. The singer has been singing actively not only in Hindi music Industry but across the India in Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, Telugu and Marathi films. His melodious singing in “Behti Hawa Saa Tha Wo…” from 3 Iditos, “Chand Sifarish” Fanaa and “Jab se Teri Naina…” from Saawariya has won him many awards.

Palak Muchhal

Palak Muchhal has been the latest edition in the music industry. She has already been the latest installation in the Guinness World Record for her social work. She has been involved in the hits of Ek Tha Tiger, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and many more.


Papon is the lead singer and the founder of the band Papon and the East India Company. He has a mesmerizing voice which the audience really loves. His latest song “Moh Moh Key Dhaage…” from the film Dum Lagakey Haisya has been praised and loved by many in the music industry. Papon is believed of be a versatile singer and a lot of experienced music directors predicts that the singer from Assam will be having a bright future in the music industry.