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The Royal Spicy Mughlai Dish: Shahi Mutton Korma

One of the finest delicacies of Mughals, Mutton Korma is a loved dish among Non-veg lovers. It is a yummy, spicy and shahi recipe which is just not mouthwatering but equally good in nutritional values. It is enriched with creamy ingredients and can be a royal main dish for lunch or dinner.

Preparation Details

Total Time75 Minutes
Prep Time15 Minutes
Cook Time60 Minutes
Servings5 to 6 Servings
Course Type Main
Cooking DifficultyMedium

The Ingredients of this Royal and delicious Shahi Mutton Korma dish:

Main ingredients for the dish:

Ingredients for the Korma Paste:

Making the Mutton ready to Cook:

First, you need to clean the mutton carefully. After you wash it well it’s time to marinate. You need to add salt, a 1/4th spoon of turmeric powder, 1/2 spoon red chili powder, 1 spoon of ginger garlic paste. Mix it well with mutton and leave it for 15 minutes.

In an open saucepan add water and a little bit of salt. Now add the diced potatoes and then boil them for half an hour.

Time to make the paste of Korma:

First Take a pan and heat it for 1 min. Now, add the desiccated coconut pieces. Now dry roast it for 3-4 minutes. Once done keep it aside.

Now take 3-4 almonds in the same pan and dry roast for 2 mins and then keep them aside. In the similar fashion add cashews and dry roast and then keep them aside. Next, take 4-5 charoli seeds to dry roast for some seconds and then remove.

In the same pan add 3 finely sliced onions. Add 1 spoon of oil over onions. Now roast it for few minutes till the time it turns slightly brown.  Now keep it aside.

Now open your blender, and add all roasted ingredients except onions.  Now blend it well to form a powder. Now add roasted onions and again blend all to form a smooth paste by adding a little bit of water into it.

Preparing the authentic yummy Mutton Dish:

Take a pressure cooker add 1 hand half spool of oil and heat it. Now one by one adds cinnamon stick, cardamoms, and cloves along with slitting green chilies for sautéing. It’s time to add the marinated mutton mixture.  Mix it well.

Now start roasting the mutton very well and do it for minimum 5 mins until oil starts leaving the sides. Now mix blended korma paste. Sauté it well. Low down the flame and cook the dish for few more minutes with a covered lid. Keep checking the dish and stir it well. Continue Cooking until you see oil leaving the sides of korma masala. After reaching this stage add yogurt well beaten. Mix it well.

Now mix one by one coriander seeds powder, black pepper powder, and garam masala powder to mix well. Continue Cooking for next 5 minutes. Keep the flame low.

Add 3 cups of water and close the pressure cooker.  Pressure cook for 2 mins to make mutton tender. Open the cooker and check if it is perfectly tenderized. Pour boiled potatoes right into the korma. In next step Add finely chopped mint leaves, coriander leaves and if needed extra salt to taste.

Keep cooking for another 4-5 minutes and then switch off the stove. Sprinkle the lemon juice all over the dish and mix it well.

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Plating to serve you hot, spicy and tasty Mutton Korma Shahi:

Take a deep serving bowl with broader width. Pour the dish carefully into the bowl. Now to garnish it well use freshly chopped coriander leaves, round and thin slice of onion. The dish will look attractive and the aroma will increase the hunger of family members or guests. Serve it hot with pulao, Jeera rice or even with Indian roti!!!

Tips and Tricks to enhance the taste:

Nutritional Facts and Rating:

Besides being yummy and spicy, Mutton Korma Sahi is having nutritional benefits too. For some special occasion, this dish can be one of the best non-veg serving for the guests.

1 serving of the dish contents 1253.1 Kcal Calories along with fat of 132.99g. It also contains 63.37 mg of sodium, 264.59 mg of potassium, 129.34 mg of Cholesterol and 2.16 g of Dietary Fibre. Protein content in the dish is 3.13g and sugar 5.52g. The dish is also enriched with 37.4mg Vitamin C, 0.9mg of iron and 102.5mg of Calcium.

Once in 15 days, such spicy dish will not hamper the health and so health-conscious people also can try it on special occasions.  Keeping a note on the nutritional facts and its spicy nature Mutton Korma Shahi deserves a rating of 9 on 10.