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Happy Rose Day Images

Rose day (7th February) marks the beginning of the love week. This day started as the celebration of Valentine’s Week around the world. This day shared the perception of love, where you can propose to your love by offering him roses.

I asked for a flower but God gave me a rose… You are the rose.. Happy Rose Day!

My love is not like regular flowers that will vanish when shrivel. It’s like roses, that will spread fragrance even after drying. Happy Rose Day!

If the roses are the way to express my love, then here is a garden of roses for you. Happy Rose Day!

Happy Rose Day! 

Our love is like a rose.. it will bloom and bloom..  forever.. Happy Rose Day!

Propose Day Images

The Rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the Heart. Happy Rose Day!

Rose is not only a flower. It is a symbol of love. It indicates that true love never ends, But always live in the hearts. Happy Rose Day! 

Happy Rose Day!

Great couples are those who accept positive and negative, like the beautiful roses accepting the thrones. Happy Rose Day!

Red roses are the prettiest among all like you are the most adorable among all. Happy Rose Day!