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Pari Movie Review and Trailer

Duration: 2 hrs 17 mins
Releasing Date: 2 March 2018
Rating: 3 ***


Anushka Sharma plays dual roles, one that of an actor and the other one is the producer but her extreme cuteness and diva look betray the efforts made to portray her horror looks. The movie is put into horror genre and the title “Pari” seems pretty opposite to it, as viewers are not led to a dwelling of angels at any length, although there not present any hard-hitting scenes horror or any thrill for that matter, but still it carries some weight in light of such a star presence. Directed by Prosit Roy, there gets a feeling of an identical story of movie “Ek Thi Dayan” when it sets in reverse mode. Prosit Roy has attempted to give a witch, the human appearance.

Opening Collection Of The Film:

The spookfest reportedly earned an estimated Rs 4 crore net on its opening day at the ticket window, according to a report on BoxofficeIndia.com.
The film saw a better opening than Anushka’s previous home production ‘Phillauri’ which grossed 3.86 crore net. Commended for sticking genuinely to the horror theme over a sheer succession of scary sequences, this film is looking forward to continuing to spook fans over the extended holiday weekend.

Star Cast Of The Film:


movie trailer

Anushka Sharama (Actor)

Mansi Mulatani (Actor)

Parambrata Chatterjee (Actor)

movie review

Rajat Kapoor (Actor)

new movie

Ritabhari Chakraborty (Actor)

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Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Actor)


Prosit Roy (Director, Writer)

movie trailer

Anushka Sharma (Producer)

Karnesh Sharma (Producer)

Abhishek Banerjee (Writer, Screenplay)

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Anupam Roy (Musician)

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Manas Mittal (Editor)

Loose Direction:

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The movie draws flake for a range of failings such as the first half is screened on outdated pathways but still, a movie leaving a deep impact where characters of popular folklore are brought to life with chic dexterity and where processes are tuned in and one revisits his childhood fears. The character of Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) is depicted as a changeling with an emboldened scope of her myth persona. She is eccentric but still leads a humane life. In one scene, Rukhsana is shown inserting her teeth into the animal which is both comical depiction, as well as horrifying and then, even the lush green forests, are shown in shades of the night which is simply a Faulty Picture Tube Look. In the plot, the other main character is Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) who is a shy and timid Bengali who meets Rukhsana out of sheer luck but such a lively union is put under threat by one Dr. Qasim Ali, who is a witch hunter and depends excessively upon incense sticks for calming the spirits and to control them. Here credit needs to be given to the director for showing a meeting point where opposite characters unite and by taking the audience into the impression that how common they are.

Character Appearance:

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Here, Rukhsana’s appearance is that with brownish spots (freckled skin) has hair in a mess and who speaks in the childish tone. On the other hand, Arnab is made to speak in an executive’s tone with a curly hairstyle and a nasty appearance. Besides, at various points, screenplay appears to be pretty sluggish and lacks a proper connection with the overall story theme, yet still critiques credit Anushka Sharma for such a fabulous display of filmmaking and claim that movie is unique enough to set new terms and definitions when it comes to the horror genre.

Messy Background Music:

There is hardly present any of the rattling music at backstage while the jump scare technique has lost its effect owing to over-usage and then discourse among characters who are simply screened to be possessed by evil spirits, are excessive in their display. The story progresses in its own scripted pattern and there are ingrained different aspects which one can hardly come across in any commercial horror flicks such as silence giving way to ghostly sense which is associated with music of disdain although it appears melodious enough and then the everlasting impact of delusion which takes the audience into its net slowly but persistently.

Not to hold back the appreciation due to seasoned lead actors Anushka Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee and Rajat Kapoor, whose versatile performance initialize real substance to the events of the story and it has also had its virtue upon the series of such events which the movie comprises of. To our panel, they have raised their toast to the headphone scene which is hailed to ride upon popular minds for a longer duration and which has won points for finest screenplay skills as well.

Location And Sets:

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Not to miss and mince words, the art direction needs to be given full marks as well, as from the dominant piece of dexterity has been displayed in a diversified setting, such as from Kolkata’s narrow bylanes to deserted roads and houses to manipulated lighting to ghostly curtains and so forth, the exceptional setting and artful sets do encourage a shiver to grow and to run down to spine. When it comes to makeup, such has also been inculcated by sheer professional craft and which largely give way to making a Pari and so is the special effects which align with such fine-tuned characters and in the end contribute to the making of such a creepy thriller full of inculcated suspense and profound mystery.  

Final Word:

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In short, for those preferring a real zeal in theme and not opting to witness sequential scary scenes, they will certainly find the movie to be evidently crafted in every area and aspect possible and it does not seem to be immersed with tested and trusted principles of mainstream commercial cinema.

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