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Nainital in India

NAINITAL: A Place with An Exotic Natural View

Nainital is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand. The hill station is a perfect destination to enjoy the scenic beauty of North India, and you can explore the unending thrill that gives you the real happiness.

The place has an excellent scenic view, and so it attracts viewers from all the corners of the world. Placed at an altitude of 2, 084 km. It is surrounded by the snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas. The slopes, nearby mountains are highly populated. The weather is excellent throughout the year and has a relatively cold temperature. The hottest month is generally observed in the month of July with temperatures ranging from 16 degree Celsius. The coldest month is January with a temperature of 1.7 degree Celsius.

Season to Visit:

In this connection, we can say that Nainital is such a beautiful place that most of the people wish to attend it several times. However, the most favorable time to visit this place is from April to September. The temperature during this time remains merely awesome. One can roam and take the full view of the place. Summer season is observed during June, but the temperature does not rise too high.  It ranges around 27 degree Celsius. Thus it is the best time to visit.

Nearby Attractions with the Brief Intro:

beautiful places in India

There are a lot of places to see in Nainital. If you wish, then you can hire a car and take a full view of the area. In this regard, it can be said that the Naini Lake is a wonderful place that is must visit. There are boating facilities available in this lake. Tiffin top is also a very famous place in Nainital. One can opt for Horse Riding and Panoramic Views. Cave garden is also a very renowned place which is famous for its beautiful scenic views. Kainchi Dham is a very religious place in Nainital.

Food, Culture, and Other Specialties:

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The entire place has a host of tasty and delicious dishes. If you visit the place, then one should taste the tasty foods. It can be said in this connection that steamed rice, bhang ki chutney, Bhatti ki churkani, Madwe ki roti, Dhai ki Jaula, Gauhat ki daal, etc. Besides this, the place has some beautiful fruits. In fact, one can find a wide variety of fruits in this place. They are very tasty and healthy to eat. However one must taste all these foods.

Best Budget Hotels and Restaurants:

Nainital in India

There are the lot of reasonable hotels and restaurants available in Nainital. They are very cheap in the sense that they charge very low charges from the tourists. For example, Hotel Pratap Regency is an excellent hotel that costs about Rs 4, 034 a day. Hotel New Bharat is also a very renowned hotel in Nainital. It charges about Rs 1,650 per day. On the other hand, The Pavilion is also a very good hotel that costs about Rs 2,880 per day. The ambiance is quite good and nice. Besides this Hotel Krishna is also a very renowned hotel in the entire Nainital.

Transport Medium from Metro Cities. (How to reach?):

Nainital in India

Railways and airways are well connected to this amazing place. People from all the major cities can easily visit this place without any hindrance. The best idea is that if you reach Delhi, then you can easily go by bus or car. It also takes a very less time. The road is very good and well connected. There are frequent bus and cars that are available. One can easily opt for that. The airport of Nainital is Pantnagar. One can reach Nainital by airways too. The airport has connecting flights to all the major cities of India.

Adventures of the Place: 

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Here, you can find lots of adventurous places making Nainital a wonderful place. If you wish, then you can quickly try a different type of sports activities. One can enjoy nonstop adventurous activities from parasailing to river rafting, rock climbing, cycling, yachting, etc. Some of the adventurous places in Nainital are China peak, snow view, Pangot, etc. Some waterfalls give an excellent look from the hills. If you wish, then you can enjoy every moment in Nainital. They are just awesome.

Tips and Tricks for The Place:

Like other places, Nainital also has tricks and tips. One should keep this in mind before visiting the place. Make a chart of items that should be carried with you while you are visiting Nainital. Also, keep important medicines in your bag. As hill stations always have a lower temperature thus always try to keep warm clothes along with you. Do not hard cash there are ATM’s almost in every hill stations. Confirm your hotels before going to Nainital. There are always rushing in this place. Be careful while driving in hilly areas. It is better to take an expert driver even if you know driving. Thus these are the basic guidelines to be kept in mind.


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