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Naagin is Coming To Thrill You Again in Naagin Season – 3


IMDB Rating: 4.7* / 10*
Duration: 138 episodes per season
Director: SantaramVerma, Arshad Khan, Niraj, LalitMaratheandRakesh Chowdhury
Dialogues: Mrinal Jha, R M Joshi, Neha Singh, and Shivani Shah
ProductionEkta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor
Showcased: Zee TV and Colours
Star CastMouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Karanvir Bohra, Sudha Chandran, AashkaGoradia, Kinshuk Mahajan.
Country of Origin: India
Language: Hindi


This is an Indian supernatural series produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. Broadcasted on weekends on Colors TV, a popular Indian channel at 8:00 PM on Indian Standard Time. This series was first aired on 1st November 2015 and ended on 5th June 2016.

The main storyline spins around shapeshifting serpents Shivaya and her cousin Shesha. They are on a quest to avenge their parent’s death. Out of the five murderers, they were only able to deal with only three of them. The story revolves around avenging her parents and to obtain the priceless gem with magical powers called the Naagmani.


Naagin 3 is a continuation of the two previously made series. IT is supposed to start from June this year. The Nagin series has attained a lot of attention due to the great success of its prequels. It has received a lot of awards and was one of the highest rated TV shows. All these further increased the speculations of the audience and makes it difficult for the Director to meet the previously set benchmark.

Here the story is of supernatural and fantasy genre revolving around Ichchhadhari Nagin’s. The shape-shifting serpent is on a quest to discover the killers of her parents. Over time she discovers the identity of her parent’s killers and avenges their death. There are several twists and turns present in the series which make the plot even more interesting. Betrayal and team switching is relevant and make the completion of the quest difficult for Shivani and more interesting for the viewers.

Season 2 was produced in 3 months after completion of the first series. This season is focussed much more on the daughter of Shivani and how to prevent her from becoming a shape-shifting serpent and to allow her to continue a normal human life. Season 2 has experienced even more acknowledgment than the previous series.

In the third season, Indian actor Surbhi Jyoti returns as the main lead in the TV series. The male lead has not yet been decided. It is assumed that the story will revolve around Shivangi’s daughter and Rocky and their love life unless there is some major twist lurking behind.

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Just like the previous series, it is expected to be star-studded. In the previous series, we witnessed Mouni Roy and Karanvir Bohra in the lead roles. This time around it is expected that we are going to witness a brand new cast. As the protagonist, we have Surbhi Jyoti and as the antagonist, Anita Hassanandani has been finalized. The role of the hero will be played by Pearl V. Puri. Karishma Tanna and Karanvir Bohra are still expected to be a part of the show. We can expect some of the previous cast to be present in the new series.

Screenplay and Direction:

Mrinal Jha and R M Joshi are experienced professionals working in Bollywood for a really long time. Just looking at their previous track record, it can be assumed that this edition of Naagin will not fall short and live up to the benchmarks previously set. Screenplay as always will be a point which makes Naagin separate from all other TV series.

Direction and Cinematography by Santram Varma, Chandni, and Nirajtake the series to its pinnacle. With a talented creative director such as Tanushree Dasgupta, you can easily expect a television masterpiece.

Performance and Dialogue:

Starting from great cast direction to special effects, this series has never disappointed us in any way and we definitely cannot expect it to. Just like any Ekta Kapoor production, it has amazed the viewers. Being one of the highest rated TV shows in the Indian media there is no doubt about how great the performance of the cast is.

Experienced actors, whether from theatre or Bollywood has been taken in for the sole purpose of assuring the quality of acting in the series. Dialogues are made sure to be of premium quality to maintain the stature of the show.


This TV series is not limited to India only but is also screened in various other nations like Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It has even been dubbed in various languages such as Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, and Thai. There is a huge hype related to this series of Naagin, but just like all the previous series and other Ekta Kapoor productions, this series is supposed to emerge better than before.