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Top 10 Most Amazing Buildings in India

India holds the fourth position in the list of the largest economies of the world. The literacy rates and life expectancy rate have just doubled in the last few years. It has grown so fast in various fields especially in infrastructure, education, and urbanization. Indian architecture has its own place across the world whether it is historical buildings or spectacular buildings. Buildings have the ability to make the city look beautiful and create wonders and please the eyes at the same time. They look sophisticated, full of amenities, and provide an excellent working environment for the employees.

Here are the Lists of top 10 Amazing Beautiful Buildings in India which are Strange and Unique.

1. World Trade Park – Jaipur

It is located in the heart of the pink city. It provides a platform where you can get a multiplex, retail outlets, auditorium, offices, a five-star hotel, exhibition halls, convention center, trade lobbies, computer-controlled parking, and an art gallery. It has attracted more international investors to reach Jaipur and gives a global reorganization. Known as most elegant, finest place, and one of the best business malls where all the national and international brands can be found easily under a single roof. The impressive features are the premise is eco-friendly along with water conservation techniques, the automatic sensor for power saving, IT-friendly environment, centrally air-conditioned, energy conservation techniques and wireless LAN.

2. Cybertecture Egg, Mumbai

This is a perfect example of the model of intellectual life. The new form of architecture was designed by James Law Cybertecture International and Ove Arup. It has a steel frame structure along with concrete core including the basement. The overall structure looks like a shell that supports floor plates without any columns. High-quality building with geometric sophistication and sleek architecture is one of the best places to work in. The washrooms are designed in a way which keeps the proper health track including weight and blood pressure. The impressive features are wind turbines, water conservation, and solar photovoltaic panels. It’s striking beauty and magnificent flora adds new identity to the District of Mumbai.

3. Infosys Multiplex – Mysore

It is known as the world’s biggest corporate training facility in Mysore, also popular with several names such as “A Paradise” or “Heaven on earth”. It has 2,000 rooms where 4,000 trainees can stay in twin sharing basis will full facilities such as bed, pillow, bed sheet with pillow covers, towel,  quilt, tea and coffee sachets, sugar, 6 hangers, bathing towel, coffee and tea maker, doormat, a cup, spoon, table lamp, wall clock, LCD TV, Almirah, study chair, sofa, AC, and western style bathroom in each room. There are 6 food courts with so many cafes, large departmental store, badminton courts, gymnasium, squash courts, table tennis, aerobics center, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, bowling alley, meditation hall, banks, company store, and 5-bed medical center. Simple, it has all the world-class facility even you cannot imagine and dream training center where every IT professional wants to be the part of.

4. National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad

It was established in the year 2006 as the autonomous organization under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Dairying & Fisheries, administrative control of the Department of Animal Husbandry, and the government of India to enhance fish production and productivity. The building was built in 2012 and designed by National Fisheries Development in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. It offers a wide range of fishery development activities, Mariculture, Aquaculture, Sea Weed cultivation, culture-based capture fisheries in reservoirs, intensive aquaculture in ponds and tanks, fishing harbors, solar drying of fish, fishing dressing centers, fish landing  centers, domestic marketing, tuna processing, deep sea fishing, ornamental fisheries, artificial reefs technology up gradation, trout culture, capacity building of fishermen, fish farmers supported by State Governments/Implementing agencies. Basically, they give focus on the development of the fisheries sector to provide the nutritious protein supplement to the increasing population and giving support to Indian economy by improving employment, economy, health, exports, and tourism in the country.

5. TCS, Chennai

This premise, located in Siruseri, Chennai, was designed by Uruguayan architectural firm Carlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de León Architects. It is unique and represents the modern engineering and architecture which is a perfect combination of lifestyle and business statement. The impressive features are six butterfly wings intertwined with a central spine which looks simply outstanding and shows the iconic development in style. Also, it is eco- friendly, energy-efficient building, zero waste disposals, ISO 14001 certification, and carbon footprint offset.

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6. Gateway Tower – Gurgaon

It is known as the elegant and one of the tallest skyscrapers of Gurgaon. It is designed in the form of the ship and referred as the name of “Titanic”, was built by Delhi Land & Finance (DLF). It is popular as India’s most successful commercial architects, which is spread 3000 acres and has the 12-storey complex a perfect example of futuristic architecture and unique interior. High visible office space is a symbol of modern architecture. It represents India’s rapid growth and real estate development.  This LEED Platinum Certified building can be seen as you cross the Delhi toll and enters in Gurgaon.

7. L & T Infotech – Chennai

 L & T headquarters is located at Manapakkam, Chennai that is popular as “the outstanding Corporate Green Campus”. LEED-NC v2.1 Certified Green Building is spread over 27 acres and offers eco-friendly surroundings with lots of greenery. This campus has won the prestigious awards for excellent construction along with green features which have the significant tree carbon sequestering capacity. The impressive features are solid waste management, 14,099,796 KWH of Green Power, Mini-weather Station, water efficiency, and Green Cell. Full amenities can be availed there and it is famous as the excellent example of modern architecture.

8. UB City – Bangalore

It is known as the biggest luxury projects of Bengaluru and country’s first luxury mall. It is the iconic building which represents the modern architecture and was designed by Thomas Associates.  The total area is 1,000,000 sq ft which were pioneered by the UB Group and Prestige Group. It looks amazing and offers mesmerizing views in the night. It has total four towers named as Comet (11 Floors), UB Tower (19 Floors), Concorde (19 Floors) and Canberra (17 Floors) It has all the amenities under one roof like banks, commercial offices, a five star hotel, restaurants, pubs, food courts, serviced apartments, high-end retail stores, cafes, and health clubs. All luxurious brand can avail there and it is a must visit place if you ever plan to visit Bengaluru in future.

9. Infinity Tower – Kolkata

It represents the iconic development, the landmark for business infrastructure and the great architectural designs in India. It is popular as the first intelligent building in Kolkata which was designed by Hafeez Contractor. Robust engineering with futuristic design offers efficient floor plates, lush landscaping, human-centric architecture, and food and retail outlets. Precious stones, metals, and high-quality glass were used in it which looks totally fascinating in the evening.

10. Statesman House – Delhi

It is one of the highest buildings in Connaught Place, New Delhi which is shaped like a hollow cylinder diagonally cut from the above. Most impressive structure and known as a masterpiece in India. It is 72 meters high and built in 9,600 square meters of the area have 17 floors apart from 3 vibration proof basements. It contains training rooms, serviced offices and meeting rooms with centralized AC and WiFi enabled communal areas.

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