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Malai Kofta: A perfect recipe for quick cook

Paneer is all time favorite of the vegetarians, and so it is commonly cooked in everyone’s house too. Sometimes, you get a sudden call for guests at your place, in a short notice if you get puzzled what to cook? If you want to make something tempting and delicious nothing could be simple and tastier than opting for the Malai Kofta.

It is one of the much loved vegetarian Indian dishes found in the menu of every restaurant. Perfect main course and a mouthwatering dish tastes as a fried dumpling filled with paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and mashed potatoes dipped into thick creamy, lightly sweet onion and tomato based gravy.

The Taste has a unique combination for every occasion and loved by kids and adults as well.

    Preparation Details:

Total Time60 Minutes
Prep Time30 Minutes
Cook Time30 Minutes
Serving3 to 4 servings
Cooking DifficultyMedium

    Ingredients:

Kofta Balls:


    Whole Spices:

    Garnish:

    Cooking Steps:

Paneer Kofta Balls:

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Kofta Gravy:

It tastes wonderful when served with hot Indian bread paratha, naan, roomali roti or jeera, and steamed basmati rice.

Nutrition Facts:

Special Tips:


Happy eating!!