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top 10 international songs

Top 10 International Chart buster Songs of the Year 2018

Top 10 International Chartbuster Songs of the Year 2018. The year’s most popular song so far..

1. Song: Taki Taki

Release Date: 28 September 2018 
Album: Red Pill Blues
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Singer: American singer Selena Gomez, Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, and American rapper Cardi B
Songwriter(s): William Grigahcine, Juan Carlos Ozuna, Belcalis Almanzar, and Gomez, along with Ava Brignol, Jordan Thorpe, Juan Vasquez, and Vicente Saavedra.
Producer: DJ Snake (French DJ)

2. Song: Girls Like You

Release Date: 30 May 2018
Album: Red Pill Blues
Artist: Maroon 5 (American Band )
Songwriter(s): Adam Levine; Henry Walter; Belcalis Almanzar; Brittany Talia Hazzard; Jason Evigan; Gian Stone
Producer: Cirkut and Eviga

3. Song: In My Feelings

Release Date: 10 July 2018 
Album: Scorpion
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Artist: Drake (Canadian Musician)
Producer: TrapMoneyBenny; Blaqnmild

4. Song: God is a Woman

Release Date: 13 July 2018 
Album: Sweetener
Genre: Pop
Artist: Ariana Grande (American Singer)
Songwriter(s)‎: ‎Ariana Grande; ‎Ilya Salmanzad
Producer(s)‎: ‎Ilya

5. Song: Without Me

Release Date: 4 October 2018 
Artist: Halsey (American Singer)
Genre: Pop
Songwriter(s)‎:  Halsey, Delacey, and Amy Allen
Producer(s)‎: Louis Bell

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6. Song: Right Now

Release Date: 24 August 2018 
Artists: Nick Jonas (American Singer), Robin Schulz
Genre: Pop
Songwriter(s)‎:  Nick Jonas and Skylar Grey
Producer(s)‎: Robin Schulz

7. Song: Darkside

Release Date: 14 Dec 2018
Album: Different World
Genre: Pop
Artist: Alan Walker (Norwegian DJ)
Producer(s)‎: Alan Walker 

8. Song: Friends

Release Date: 9 Feb2018 
Album: Speak Your Mind
Genre: Pop
Artists: Marshmello, Anne Marie
Songwriter(s)‎:  Alan Walker,  Anne-Marie, Eden Anderson, Richard Boardman, Jasmine Thompson, Natalie Dunn, Sarah Blanchard, and Pablo Bowman
Producer(s)‎: Alan Walker (American Music Producer)

9. Song: Havana

Release Date: 21 September 2018 
Album: Camila
Genres: Latin pop, Pop
Artist: Camila Cabello (Cuban-American singer)
Producer(s)‎: Frank Dukes & Matt Beckley

10. Song: God’s Plan

Release Date: 19 January 2018
Album: Scorpion
Genres: Pop music, Trap music, Pop-rap
Artist: Drake (Canadian musician)
Songwriter(s)‎: Aubrey Graham, Ronald LaTour, Daveon Jackson, Matthew Samuels, and Noah Shebib
Producer(s)‎: Cardo, Yung Exclusive, and Boi-1da

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