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9 Places in India you are not Allowed to Visit

Indiais known for its rich history, great hospitality, and excellent beauty. Visitors from different parts of the world get attracted towards this nation and explore it from length and breadth.  Besides being one of the largest countries of South Asia it holds the seventh rank in the list of largest country in the world based on area.

The nation is blessed with diverse geographical landscapes having immense panoramic beauty. But are you aware that there are a few places in India where you will not be allowed to visit? Not heard about anything like this before?  But the truth is that there are some places in reality which are prohibited for entry.

Some of the prohibited locations of India which are restricted for entry have some specific stories behind it. We picked 9 such locations which have some unique stories to tell.

Tunnel No. 33 also known as The Barog Tunnel is one of the most haunted places in India and there is a tragic tale behind it. Colonel Barog was given the responsibility to construct the tunnel. He made some miscalculation and failed to reach the mid of the tunnel making it one, after cutting from both ends. He realized his mistake and was depressed. His level of depression reached the peak when British Government fined him for wasting property. Even the workers, blamed and it was very humiliating for him. He shot himself when he went out for a walk with his dog and got buried right in front of his self-constructed incomplete tunnel. Rumors are there that many people saw his ghost near to the incomplete tunnel and they believe that there is some hidden secret still existing which is unexplored.

Now no one is allowed to visit this place.

Indian Tourists who are in love with beach beauty faced and experienced huge discrimination in one particular yet popular beachside destination of India. Yes, it’s Goa. Anjuna Beach is among those beaches where Goa people restrict the entry of Indian citizens. The reason behind such action is that the local people believe that Indians causes a huge nuisance on beachside which makes it difficult for foreigners to enjoy.

Kuldhara is one of the haunted villages of India having a deserted look. When one thinks about this village a feeling of grieve come to one’s mind. We feel pity for the doomed fate of those hundreds of villagers who fled from their native land out of compulsion. There are series after series of houses made of mud bricks having broken roofs and ruined walls. It looks like the skeleton left over of some brutal historic past. 300 years back, it was a prosperous village under the Jaisalmer area and Paliwal Brahmins used to stay there. Salim Singh was the debauched and powerful prime minister of Kuldhara. He got attracted to the daughter of the village head and shared his wish to marry her. He mentioned to the villagers that if his wish is not fulfilled the whole village will face grave consequences. To get rid of Salim the Palliwals fled from the village and completely vanished. People who made an effort to make night stay got chased by the strange paranormal phenomenon.


Located in West Bengal, around 30 KM from Darjeeling, Kurseong, a small hill station where one of the most haunted places of India, Dow Hill is located. In spite of being a hunted place, each year many tourists make a visit here and add to the new haunted experience stories. People have reported paranormal activities here according to the locals in this particular place lot of accidents take place. If the stories of horror from Dove Hills are to be believed, people hear sounds like someone walking to and fro in the Victoria Boys High School, Even during vacation time that is December to March.

A popular haunted place in India, the GP Block of Meerut was once the property of Indian Defense Forces and was used as the sub-area office. Later in the 1950’s the property was occupied by a junior officer who stayed here till a decade and since then, the property has no ownership. If the locals and visitors are to be believed, this place is haunted. According to some people GP Block has around four male ghosts who often enjoy their drinks in one of the two floors of the building with a candlelight setting. Sometimes the ghosts of these four men are seen on the roof enjoying beer. However, some people tell the horrifying tale of a woman clad in red dress roams inside the haunted building. No one knows from where the mysterious woman comes from and where she leaves. Considering such haunted activities people avoid crossing the place in the dark.

Located in Kasol, in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, the Freekasol Café is reported of having forbidden entry for Indians. There were incidences where the café owner and staff said no to the entry of Indians. The place is also known as mini Israel and there are many Israeli and other foreigners who come to Kasol for their holidays. There are many treks, peaceful places and natural splendor that attracts tourists from everywhere in the world. A lot of Indians also travel to Kasol for travel purpose. Last year an Indian woman along with her British friend visited this café where Middle Eastern food, Turkish coffee, and some more delicacies are served, the staff allowed the male friend of the Indian woman, however, they denied serving food to the lady. After this incident, there was a flood of hate messages surfacing the internet in regard to the café. Later the café manager denied the restricted entry, however, many Indians were not allowed in the Freekasol Café.

Narayanpur is located in Chhattisgarh in India and this place is a home to the Primitive Tribal Groups- Madia Gond and Muriya Gond. This place is known for the Naxalite attacks and that is why people are terrified to visit here. Local people also live in the state of fear because of the terrorist activities. The area is covered with army protection but it is not a safe place to make a visit if you want to explore the various parts of India. People are not allowed to visit here because of the safety measures.

Mukesh Mills is a famous spot for many Bollywood films and you have also seen it in many ad films. It was built in 1870 in Colaba however it was closed down in 1982 because of a fire incident. According to the actors who have been to this place for shooting, there were many spooky incidents that took place. Many of the actors never shot in this place because they experienced paranormal activities here. The place has given spine chills because of some unexplained footsteps, shadowy figures and weird sounds that cause the horrifying experience.  According to the locals, in this mill, a worker had died long ago and his restless spirit roams around in the area. People avoid visiting here now.

It is one of the mysterious places in India supposed to have some supernatural activities. Located in Vrindavan, the Nidhivanni Kunj is a well-known place where till date; Hindu God Krishna comes with Gopis for rasleela. The divine dance occurs till date and the gates of the temple are closed post 5 PM every day. According to the local people, the trees encircling the pond turned out to be gopis in the night and Sri Krishna dances with them all night. And in the morning when the sun rises, everything becomes normal, just like nothing happened here. It can be a belief of devotees, but no one dares to enter the premise of the temple after 5 PM.

This is not the end of the list as there are many more locations in India which are either called haunted or prohibited for some historical reasons. This is a glance of just above 9 top places which are restricted.