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Healthy Baked Vegetables with Spinach Sauce

Baked Vegetables with Spinach Sauce made of assorted vegetables can change the mood of your love for Healthy and tasty food. Addition of spinach paste with white sauce will spice up the taste of the dish. It makes the dish colorful and unique in taste. A mix of vegetables adds more flavor with its crunchy texture. An ideal dish which can be served to surprise guests in short time.



Ingredients for Baked Vegetables with Spinach Sauce:

Items for Spinach sauce –

Cooking Steps:

Making the Yummy Dish Ready-

First, add spinach sauce with boiled vegetables. Now based on your taste add salt and pepper along with the cream. Mix all well and keep cooking on a medium flame for about minutes. To avoid sticking keep stirring.

Once the mix is ready, pour it into 7″ baking bowl.  Now spread grated cheese over it.  Preheat your OTG or Microwave at 180 °c (360 °f) and bake the mix for max 15 min.

Serve it hot.

Special Tips:

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Nutrition Facts:

One serving of Baked Vegetables with Spinach Sauce contains the following Nutrition:

This dish is enriched with vitamin A (1784.6 mcg), B1 (0.1 mg), B2 (0.2 mg), B3 (0.4 mg) and C (7.7 mg). It also contains Folic Acid(35.5 mcg), Calcium (354.1 mg), Iron (0.8 mg), Sodium (107.1 mg), Potassium (181.4 mg), fat (18.6 g), Protein (8.6 g), carbohydrates (12.3 g), Fiber (0.6 g), Zinc (0.1 mg) and Energy (279 cal)

If you want to serve something healthy yet tasty veg dish to your family then go for it. This recipe is not only yummy but also full of nutrition. Based on taste and nutrition value I will give this recipe a perfect ten on 10.

Its ingredients are easily available, so make it today and share your experience.


  1. . Serve it with Garlic Bread, Baked Bread, bread roll or Bun.
  2. You can add it to Herb Tortellini Soup for an excellent dinner.
  3. If you want to make it in advance to serve guest on time, then keep it inside the microwave. Make it hot for max 30 sec and serve directly on guest’s plate.
  4. One of the best veggie dish for the winter months as you can add many more vegetables in it.