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Days of Romantic Valentine Week 2019

As we are well known, February is the month of love and the much-awaited Valentine’s Week begins with majestic celebrations. Valentine’s day is always celebrated on the 14th day of February. For several people in other parts of the world, they celebrate the Valentine season for one week..

It starts on February 7 in the following order:

Rose Day

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Rose Day (7th February- Thursday) marks the beginning of the love week. This day started as the celebration of Valentine’s Week around the world. This day shared the perception of love, where you can propose to your love by offering him/her roses or by sharing Rose Day images, quotes & pictures.

Propose Day:

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As the name suggests, Propose Day is the day when you can convey your feelings for your loved ones. It is the second day of Valentine Week. Propose Day will come on Friday 8th February this year. On this day to let your crush know how much you like them, or share your feelings with a loved one by giving him/ her greetings, images or gifts.

Chocolate Day:

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The third day or 9th Feb Saturday of the Valentine week is the Chocolate Day. On this day, the couples convey their love and care by gifting and sharing chocolates. Chocolates are themselves very sweet and special and perhaps the easiest way to make someone happy. So, you can just buy a bar of chocolate and gift it to your lover, they’ll still relish it in its original striking look. You can also share Chocolate day greetings, images & quotes.

Teddy Day:

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Teddy Day comes on 10th February every year, Teddy Day is the gala of love, care, and admiration. Celebrated just four days before Valentine’s Day, this day gives you the best reason to buy a special teddy for your beloved so as to express your never-ending love for him/her. When it comes to soft toys, these huggable and cute teddy bears are measured as the definitive phrase of love. You can also share teddy day greetings, images & quotes.

Promise Day:

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Promise Day is one of the most romantic and meaningful days of this week & it comes on 11 February. Take your time and think about all the beautiful things you would like to promise your Valentine. It is a perfect day to let your partner know that you will always be there for him/her in every walk of life. You can also share promise day greetings, images & quotes.

Hug Day:

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Hug Day comes on February 12th, Hug Day is the day to embrace up with your friends, siblings or someone special who has made a difference to your life. There are various ways through which love can be expressed and a hug is one of those ways. A heartwarming hug from someone close gives you a vast sense of love and belonging. You can also share promise day greetings, images & quotes.

Kiss Day:

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on every 13th February, Kiss Day is the most exciting and romantic day of the entire Valentine Week. Celebrated just before the Valentine’s Day, this occasion takes your relationship to a new height.   On this special day, people who are in love share sweet kisses and convey their feelings and emotions to each other.  It reflects the very intense connection between you and your beloved. Apart from giving a sweet kiss to your lover, do something special to make this occasion more delightful. 

Valentine’s Day: 

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Valentine’s Day 14th February– a day to express love. No matter whether you are single, committed, recently married or been together for years,  celebrate the day and recreate the magic of all the good times spent together. It’s a festival of Love or a festive season.