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The Halloween and Its Celebration

We always have the interest to know the unknown and that curiosity leads us towards many experiments also. Now, besides the curiosity, there is also some fear associated with that, especially in the matter of the life after death. Nobody can clearly specify, exactly what happens after death. So, the mystery continues. The concept of Halloween has also come from that curiosity. The history of this festival says that it was arranged to satisfy the souls that come on earth on a particular day.

Halloween is the ancient Celtic festival to prevent themselves from the souls that come to the earth for a day. Actually, the Celtics used to celebrate the 1st November as the beginning of their new year. In that way, 31st Oct is the New Year eve for them and they celebrated the Halloween festival on this day. There was a common belief that the souls from the other worlds come to the earth and stay the night here. So, the Celtics used to light up the bonfire around them to keep themselves safe from the souls coming on the earth. But the term Hallow refers to the sacredness, as the soul has gone out of the body and rest in another world other than this world full of sins.

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Though there was the practice of this festival in the parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland, it came to the surface with the mention in some literature and movies. The writer of Harry Potter series J K Rowling mentioned this festival in her novel ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. Apart from that, there are some movies in this context. One of them is named ‘Halloween’ itself, which is released in this year only.

Nowadays, it is a trend to enjoy this day with parties and celebrations. Most of them are the theme parties. Here people come to enjoy with the costumes of ghosts, witches and wizards. The theme songs and dances also resemble people’s concept of the ghostly worlds. The atmosphere is also manipulated in form of horror. Therefore, the lights in such parties are dimmed at a low level and many people wear the musk of the characters from horror stories and movies.

All these celebrations are probably the new form of the ancient festival to keep themselves free from the fear of soul and the unknowns.