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The Famous Places Of Dubai That We Can Never Miss In The Dubai Trip

Dubai is considered one of the best and the most popular tourist destination in the world. It provides the visitors the wide variety of visiting places, enjoyments, relaxations, and luxuries at its best. Therefore, most of the travel lovers opt for this place for multiple occasions. You can enjoy nature if you are a nature lover and you can also sink in the flow of luxuries in the top and renowned hotels in this place. This place can satisfy the nature lovers, fashion lovers, party lovers, relaxation seekers, and city travelers at the same time.

Here is the list of some of those places that happen to be the most popular attractions of this tour:

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s one of the biggest attractions in the entire world. It is world’s tallest building till the date. And it has several attractions and activities to enchant travelers. It has the world’s fastest elevator to carry the visitors to the 128th or 148th floor at the least possible time. You can enjoy the highest point view of Dubai and its surrounding areas from the top floors of this building. Apart from getting the views, you can also enjoy the exclusive aquarium that presents the exotic epitome of the undersea life.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab would be the loving place for you if you long for immense luxury. It is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world that the lavish people from all over the world come to relish their stay in this hotel. As a part of the tour, you can visit the place and walk over the area by foot. It has exotic restaurants based on the types of foods. If you intend to spend on good food or to have the evening coffee at this place, it will be the most memorable evening for the rest of your life.

The World-Famous Adventure Water Parks

Dubai is also a suited place for the adventure lovers. It has many water parks, which are meant for the exclusive adventures that you may not have experienced ever before. Such places are Laguna Water Park, Aquaventure Atlantis, and Wild Wadi Water Park etc. Each of these places has several adventurous rides and enjoyment zones in the water with safety measures and cautions so that you can enjoy in this place without little worries.

Dubai Mall and other Shopping Spots

It is already mentioned that Dubai is such a place, where all kinds of people can find their happiness in their own ways. Dubai mall is the must visiting destination of the fashion and shopping lovers of the world. It provides you the world’s top merchandises and plays a vital role in creating new fashion statements each time. It has around 1000 stores and many entertainment zones for the holidaying people. There is a 150 million years old dinosaur, which is considered as a pivotal attraction of the place apart from the shopping. You can also visit the Ibn Battuta Mall, Bur Juman Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, and Mall of the Emirates, other than the Dubai mall for shopping.

Dubai Aquarium and Museum

The best aquariums of Dubai are located in the Dubai Mall. It is a high capacity aquarium that can hold 10 million waters at a time. There is an underwater zoo to explain the underwater animal life just above the aquarium. The visitors can experience the lives of even the penguins, jellyfishes, and piranhas etc. in the underwater. There are famous museums on various subjects. Etihad Museum, Sharjah classic museum, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization are the famous museums and places of visits in this tour.

Bastakia Neighborhood in Old Dubai

Bastakia is the place, which is considered to be located in the Old part of Dubai. The rise of the city is believed to have started from here. The oldest building of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1890, is situated here. This place is the notion of the cultural base of the city. This neighborhood proves the emergence point of the present Dubai from its primal steps. Sheikh Muhammad center, Al Fahidi Fort and the Dubai museum are the main visiting places here.

Sheikh Saeed al-Maktoum’s House and Dubai Creek

Sheikh Saeed al-Maktoum was the former ruler of Dubai. His residence has now become a place of visit for Dubai travelers. The courtyard and the building have now become a Museum that presents different things on which the Dubai royalty take the pride. Now, it is a place of historical and archeological interests in the country. This place also includes the Dubai creek along with it and the travelers can also visit this area along with this trip.

The Grand Mosque of Dubai

The Grand Mosque of Dubai is an eminent religious place for Muslims all over the world. Apart from the religious importance, this mosque is also significant for its architectural beauty. It is adjacent to the Dubai Museum. You can visit this place at the time of visiting the Dubai Museum only. It has undergone many controversies and endured many troubles to get the establishment on a permanent basis. At first, it was built in the year 1900 and then demolished after a few years. After that, it was rebuilt again in 1960.

Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple, Dubai

Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Temple is another famous religious place in the city. This is also more famous for its beautiful architectural constructions like the Grand Mosque. It is the main prayer point for the Sikh people in the city. The atmosphere is also relaxing and peaceful here.

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Deira, Dubai

Deira is one of the main attractions of this city. It is famous and significant for different reasons. It is actually a part of the city adjacent to the Persian Gulf. Here are the points for which this place is famous-

Gold is a great attraction in Dubai. Besides being a royal preference, gold is also a good investment for the lifetime. Here you can have the most famous gold market in the world, where you can invest in the least price ever.

The famous spice of Middle East is available in this place. Here you can have a wide range of spices from aromatic spices to the natural herbs for medical purposes. The products are genuine and fresh.

Here you have the opportunity to visit the entire city on the air in helicopters and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city at its best.

Sheikh Zayed Road of Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road is a high way of the country, which covers the city of Al Silah to the Emirate in Abu Dhabi. The road is nicely constructed and the views around it also mind-blowing for the travelers. It is considered as the lifeline of the city, as all the important sites are somehow associated with this road.

Heritage and Diving Village

Heritage and diving village is a kind of living museum that would make you experience the traditional crafts of Dubai. These craft works had become part of the culture of the then society. It demonstrates the traditional pearling works, weaving and pottery works that takes you to the past time of the city.

Famous Beaches of Dubai

Dubai is the perfect place for the beach lovers also. It has exotic beaches with several fun provoking activities. You can enjoy the beauty and waves of the Arabian and Persian Gulf in the following beaches-

This beach is famous for activities like kite surfing, volleyball playing etc. Apart from that this place has plenty of beachside sacks for snacks and drinks, cafes, restaurants etc.

Jumeirah beach is a white sand beach on the Persian Gulf. It is a so neat and clean and sun-kissed beach that people prefer to keep sunbath here. Here you can have the lines of palm trees, oasis etc. that increases its beauty on a large scale.

Burj beach is another significant beach on the Dubai tour. It is famous for its water activities like skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, banana boating etc.

This is a posh beach of Dubai on the Persian Gulf, where most of the expensive, exotic and luxurious hotels are situated.

Alserkal Art District

Alserkal District is the Middle East’s most exclusive hub for art, food, fashion etc. It has 20 galleries. This district covers 1500,000 square feet urban hub area for the sake of art and taste.

Dubai is the city that boasts upon the triumph of human civilization and its success saga. This prosperous land is the ideal travel destination for the people of various tastes. The natural lover, culture lover, adventure lover, relaxation seeker anybody can find their place of fun this land. It is the right place to face the most exclusive experiences of life in all aspects.