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Coconut Kheer Recipe- Heavenly Dessert To Make Your Mealtime Special

The coconut kheer recipe is really easy to prepare at the same time this recipe is also packed with essential vitamins. It is the great mouth-watering dessert you can take this at your meal time.  This recipe is not only extremely easy to prepare at the same time allows you to get health benefits. You can serve it your kids, friends, family.

A soothing blend of rice, as well as enriched coconut milk, gives anice taste and you can serve it with nutty caramel or you can also use rose petals.

Details For Kheer Preparation:


Important Ingredients Of Coconut Kheer

How To Prepare Coconut Kheer

To prepare tasty coconut kheer you just follow the instructions carefully,

At first, you need to soak the rice by using water and you just soak it at least 15 minutes

Then you need to take three tins of coconut milk and mix coconut, half cup of coconut cream, 100 g coconut as well as sugar together.

After that, you just mix in fennel powder, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder in a proper manner. After that, you need to boil on the mix high heat. Wait until the milk mixture is thoroughly cooked, after the cooking time you need to add rice as well as cook till done.

Then you need to keep the mixture in a chiller till it’s time to serve.

.In a pan,  you just one tablespoon sugar and wait for few seconds, when sugar starts melting you need to add sesame seeds, honey, walnuts, and pistachios.

At last, you need to add sliced bananas for taste as well as complete cooking with a teaspoon of butter.Finally, you just grind required amount of pistachios with green color, you can use it for decorative purpose. Even this will add taste to your dessert.


You just put kheer in a bowl as well as a garnish with Chandiwark as well as pistachio slivers. In addition to this, you just put the caramel alongside with attractive rose petals.

Tips And Tricks:

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Nutritional Facts About Coconut Kheer Recipe:

One cup of coconut kheer gives great energy to us and it contains total calories of 375.0 and total fat content is 28.4 g. one cup of kheer contains 6.1 mg Cholesterol and total Carbohydrate 25.6 g. even It contains Dietary Fiber ( 0.8 g), Protein( 8.2 g), Sugars (16.1 g) etc.

It is the healthy choice for your family and friends, if you love to serve some healthy deserts you just prepare it, this dessert is not only easy to male and also packed with full of nutrition.Obviously, I will recommend this recipe for your mealtime it is simple but tasty. Overall you will get all the ingredients easily so try this wonderful recipe and impress your guest and family.