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Non-Veggie Cheesy Chicken Tacos to enrich your taste buds!!

Well, we all like munching and crunching. The real taste of heaven is none other than the yum yum chicken. The Cheesy Chicken Tacos is a great idea for snacks which is not only easy to cook but is also tasty healthy food.

Since kids have a regular complain about the food and are always found of junk piece than what could be better than the idea of cheese? We generally opt for Italian or Chinese tacos while visiting the street or restaurants. Tacos are one such mouth melting dish which is highly demanded as it’s not only delicious but also a pocket-friendly idea to have something as evening snacks. If you have a small get together or say kitty party it could be a great item to represent.

Rating: 4.3* / 5*

Time: 20 minutes

So, here we go with the details:

First, we need to have listed below items to get our tacos started

Well, here in this we will use rotisserie chicken as it becomes easy and quick to cook else you can prepare it as well if you have time. And yeah! If you like grills than the grilled chicken breast is the best next alternative to the rotisserie one. Simply for the balsamic swap a few drops of lime juice and oregano for the thyme and rosemary.

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How to cook:

It’s like a 2 minutes noodle with 5 simple steps:

  1. First heat the oven to 350º.
  2. Heat oil in gas flame medium level and add chopped onion, cumin, salt pepper, a pinch of seasoning; heat for 6 minutes and keep stirring until it gets mixed well. Add chicken, salsa and green chilli as per taste and your required (preferred spicy) and keep mixing.
  3. Take a baking dish and spread refried beans (a thin coated layer) and help the taco shells. The left beans can be spooned into the bottom part of the taco shell while the head part should be topped with chicken.
  4. Use the baking dish and start placing the taco shells with the present ingredients in the dish.  Add some taco or salsa sauce over the taco shell and spread well than grate the cheese or use cheese spread over it. (best is mozzarella cheese.
  5. Bake until the cheese becomes a mouth melting piece, an approx 10 minutes will be taken and garnish it with some fresh chopped veggies and cottage cheese.


Long ceramic trays serving with the balanced entrée sprinkling seasoning over the hot butter makes it look more tempting. Also, you can add green refried vegetables like refried beans and salsa sauce mayonnaise, sour cream with it.