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beyond the clouds movie review

Beyond The Clouds Movie Review


IMDB Rating: 6.9* / 10*
Runtime: 2 hr
Director: Majid Majidi
Writer: Mehran Kashani, Majid Majidi
Producer: Kishor Arora, ShareenMantriKedia
Star Cast:Tannishtha Chatterjee, Ishaan Khattar, MalavikaMohanan, Sharada, GoutamGhose, Satyajeet Rajput, Mia Maelzer, Dwani Rajesh.


It is the latest movie by the acclaimed director of ‘Children of Heaven’. Majid Majidi shot this movie in the city of Mumbai. The particular storyline has a common resemblance to various other movies related to the clichéd narrative of the Mumbai’s downtrodden and their link with the crime world. Movies like Salaam Bombay and Slumdog Millionaire have a lot in common when it comes to the narrative.

The story unfolds as a young man involved with the drug world attempts to escape the authorities. While running from the Cops to prevent arrest due to possession of controlled substance, Amir comes across his sister Tara. Tara, in order to protect her brother, takes responsibility, hereby landing in Jail. Their lives have been filled with agony and despair all that is left is light to shine on them from Beyond the Clouds and help them get their lives on track.


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Some may say that this is not the best work of the Iranian filmmaker, it is still one of the finest works of Majid Majidi. The movie opens, showing Aamir(Ishaan Khatter) as a drug peddler. He aims to have a safe and secure future with his sister Tara (Malavika Mohanan).Aamir despite his intent cannot leave the crime world as he simply a pawn in the huge underworld and has to answer to his masters. The fate of the Siblings is shown to entangle when Tara is arrested for clubbing her rapist (Gautam Ghose). For Tara to be acquitted, Aamir has to provide favors o Akshi.

Majidi beautifully co-relates the events and shows the contrasting lives of the victim and the perpetrators, the griever and the bystander. It is shown that despite hatred against Akshi, Aamir has to take care of him to ensure that his sister is acquitted from jail. Even in jail, Tara has found a companion in the form of a young mother with her young child. Over time they are shown to grow close. As the plot develops, the movie showcases how the relationship between individuals grow over time. The movie is more about the essence of showcasing humanity, empathy and compassion.

Screenplay and Direction:

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Being a Majid Majidi and Mehran Kashani direction it showcases all the aspect of the movie in a splendid fashion. We can see the fate of different individuals entangle and develop over the course of time. This movie is much greater than a simple brother and sister movie and has more to do in showcasing the human nature. After setting high standards, Majidi had to put in a lot of effort to make it world class as his previous movie. This movie just like international movies does not have an intermission and runs for two hours straight.

Screenplay and dialogues are presented wonderfully, accompanied by beautiful cinematography. The best part of direction is the occasional slipping of a ray of hope amidst the life of despair of the individuals.

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Performance and Dialogue:

This movie does not showcase any major celebrity from Bollywood and many of the actors are fresh out of the theatre. Ishaan Khatter made his debut in this movie and his performance was vibrant. With his stunning performance, it was impossible to tell that he lacked experience. Most of the other characters too showed great acting skills.

With Mehran Kashani’s script, there was no lack of quality dialogues. The movies one of the key points was the great script. Use of magnificent words gave a great leverage to the movie altogether.


With A.R. Rahman, one of the finest music directors of India, you can simply expect nothing but the best. With great background music, the movie experience is taken to a different league altogether. From soothing music to a music suited for conveying the proper emotions have been implemented in this movie. ‘Ala re ala’ and ‘Beyond the clouds’ are some of the most popular songs used in this movie.


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This climax and turns in the movie are not predictable and are capable of entertaining the audience. Music and individual performance of actors in this movie are one of the major strengths. Several instances could have been better, in terms of improving realism and screenplay.

The movie in all is considered to be slow paced. Although the direction of the movie is considered to be great, Majidi was not able to deliver up to the benchmark he set in his movie children of Heaven. This movie although worth watching has not been able to deliver much in the box office and is not expected to be a major Hit compared to other movies screening presently.

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