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Belan Wali Bahu: Meet The New Charming & Innocent Bahu of Indian Television

Belan Wali Bahu is the latest series of the colors that has been launched to replace Big Boss. We all know how popular the show Big Boss is and it is quite a tough task to replace the show. Dheeraj Sarna has done this remarkable task to write the script of the show making it popular enough to replace the show and provide proper entertainment to the viewers.

Overview Of The Serial

Start DateJan 15 2018
Running DaysMonday to Friday
Running Time10:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Story WriterDheeraj Sarna
ProducerDheeraj Sarna & Ved Raj
Peak Active Viewers74000
Popularity Index0.08
Average TRP1.4

Roopa played by Krystle D’souza” is a lot of clumsy with her work but is very good at heart. She tries with whatever she has to beat everyone in the different task that she performs. It is always seen that she is beating her husband with a rolling pin (Belan) which justifies the title of the serial Belan Wali Bahu since Belan means rolling pin. The story reflects on the society where housewives are undermined by their family members despite of all the sacrifices they made for each one of the members. The story shed light on these facts in a humorous way keeping the content related to the facts.

What About The TRP?

The new show from colors replacing big boss has all the elements to make it to the TRP rankings. After it went on air on 15th January 2018 the serial is gaining popularity day by day with the unique content that they portrayed. The latest TRP report has been encouraging for the cast and crew which reflected on the gaining accreditations of the serial among the people.

Looking At The Cast

Let’s have a quick glimpse at the cast of the serial.

Krystle D’souza

From her debut in 2007, she has always been a popular face in the TV industry. She got her recognition among the many working in the serial: Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hain. The Maharashtrian TV actress was also a part of the top 50 beautiful Asian women by Eastern Eye. The actress has also launched an app recently to give a day to day activity to her fans.

Dheeraj Sarna

Apart from playing an important character in the series, he is also the co-writer of the series. Dheeraj Sarna has expressed his views about the character he is playing in the series as he is there but not there also. He is playing a ghost in the series. He has always been a popular face in the TV industry.

Sudhir Pandey

Sudhir Pandey is not only popular among the TV industry but has also gained proper respect in the Bollywood industry too. He has worked in a lot of films like Tees Maar Khan, Toilet, Ek Thi Dayaan, Padman etc.

Mushtaq Khan

Like Sudhir Pandey, he has also been associated with the TV industry as well as with the Bollywood films like Jodi No 1 and Welcome. He has been a renowned face who portrays a lot of important roles from any serials under different production houses. He also won a lot of awards and accreditations over the years.

Bhavana Balsavar

Being the daughter of popular Hindi actress Shobha Khote, the actress made her debut with Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani in the TV industry.  She has always been a popular face in the TV industry. Over the years she has portrayed a lot of versatile characters which made her won a lot of accreditations and love from the audience. Apart from this, Bhavana Balsavar also indulges herself to the theater work. The actress has worked in a lot of serials making her a popular face now in the industry.

How It Seems So Far?

With just a month from its launch, the serial seems to win a lot of hearts. The facts that it sheds light on the much important part of the society have been very much taken by a lot of people. Actor-writer-producer of the serial Dheeraj Sarna expressed his feelings about the love they are receiving from the audience by saying “it is just the beginning and they have to win more hearts in order to make it a proper success in the TV industry in the coming future too”. The serial is carrying a lot of humor in a way portray its different facts related to the society. On one hand the audience is receiving the proper facts; on the other hand, they are being properly entertained.

What About The Future?

The serial made an impact on the viewers. The result that the serial showed in the 1st month of its launch seems to have a very bright future in the ahead. With all the performances of the actors justifying the characters is also a very positive side about the serial. The serial has shown proper signs of progression and the content is also unique and promising. If executed in the same manner as of now the serial has a very bright future in the time ahead.

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