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Indian Film Industry is ready to Witness the Success Saga of another Magnum Opus: 2.0

The Indian Film Industry is going to have a bang with another blockbuster movie after the huge success of ‘Bahubali in two parts. After this, the next talk of the town is the movie named: 2.0. It has several reasons to bang the box office with huge success, as it is going to make a record in the history of Indian film industry. The first record it is going make is that it has been shot fully in the 3D camera and exotic VFX. Usually, the 3D films in India are shot in 2D cameras and then they converted into 3D. But the matter is different in case of this film. The other reason for the record is its budget, which is 543 Crore. It is the highest budget film in the history of Indian movies till the date.

This movie is the sequel of the 2010 Tamil movie ‘Enthiran’, which was another blockbuster hit of that time. It had a Hindi version also, titled ‘Robot’. The movie was based on a science fiction- a story of a robot and its creator. ‘Enthiran’ starred veteran Tamil actor Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles. Though a science fiction, the movie focused on the eternal and universal truth of life and the co-existence and the conflicts between the good and evil in this world. There was a considerable amount of usage of VFX to make it convincing as a science fiction. The newly launched trailer of 2.0 apprehends that it picks its beginning from the ending of its prequel.

The audience of ‘Enthiran’ is well aware of the context of the movie. The story of 2.0 is also based almost on that context. There was a robot called ‘Chitti’ in the prequel, who was misled by a foul scientist Bohra. The creator of ‘Chitti’ was another scientist named Vaseegaran. His intention was to use ‘Chitti’ in military purposes, whereas Professor Bohra intended to use it for the terrorists. In course of action, ‘Chitti’ was reconstructed and misled by Professor Bohra and finally dismantled by his own creation to get rid of its evil attacks. Now, in the movie 2.0, the dismantled ‘Chitti’ is again assembled to fight an evil powerful robot, designed by the son of Professor Bohra. The evil robot had made the world on the verge of destruction, while ‘Chitti’ appears to save mankind from the upcoming destruction.

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The film was planned immediately after the success of its prequel. Since then the production house started to find its casts. As per the story and the theme of the movie, at first, the negative role was offered to the Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, this idea did not go much longer, as he demanded a high range of remuneration for the role. After him, the production house did long negotiations with Hrithik Roshan and Neil Nitin Mukesh for the role and finally did the deal with veteran Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who made his Tamil debut with this film.

The lead roles cast famous Tamil actor Rajinikanth from the prequel and famous British actress Amy Jackson. Akshay Kumar is in the negative lead role. Sudhanshu Pandey is in the role of the son of Professor Bohra, who died in the prequel. Probably, his son comes to avenge the death of his father. So, he is, probably the main figure behind the programming of an evil robot to challenge mankind. Actor Adil Hussain joined the film in 2016 to execute his role that exerts the activities and the lives of news reporters. Apart from that, Kalabhan Shajohn, a Malayalam actor is also included for a role in the movie.

It is already mentioned that the plan was made immediately after the huge success of ‘Enthiran’ in 2010 but the plan came into action from 2015 due to Rajinikanth’s engagement in the film ‘Kabali’. It took almost a year to finalize the castings and the shooting had started in 2016. Till then Rajinikanth was also free from the commitment of ‘Kabali’. The Director of the film is S. Sankar. He and Rajinikanth teamed in the movie to make a history in Indian film industry. Coincidentally, the launching event of the movie was held on 12 December 2015, which was the birthday of Rajinikanth.

The shooting is done in a high tech environment, where 3D cameras have been used for capturing the scenes. After capturing in the 3D cameras, the scenes are again refined with VFX and other Hollywood technologies to make science fiction movies. The entire team was so dedicated to the work that Rajinikanth and the other casting members went to the USA for the finalization of their costumes. The film will be released in three languages Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Apart from that, it will be dubbed in another 12 languages also.

The budget of the film has broken all the previous records. Primarily, the budget was around 420 Crores. But eventually, it was raised to 543 Crores to make it picture perfect from all aspects.

The music director of the movie is A.R. Rahman. There are two soundtracks in the movie with two versions Tamil and Hindi. The lengths of the tracks are respectively 5:30 minutes and 4:12 minutes.

Primarily the release date was planned to be in the Diwali, 2017 but eventually, it was postponed to January 2018 and then to April 2018. At April, it was delayed due to the release of ‘Kaala’ in the box office. After that, it was planned to release the trailer in August 2018 but that also could not happen due to the flood in Kerala. Rajinikanth declared that there wouldn’t be much grandeur in the trailer release of the film considering Kerala flood as a national disaster. Finally, the trailer was launched on 3rd November 2018 and the release date is fixed now on 29 November 2018.

Although a teaser of the movie is already released in the market, according to the reports, the production house will release another one on 3rd November to take the curiosity of the audience at the highest peak. The entire Bollywood, as well as the Indian film industry, is waiting eagerly to relish the counter combination of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar for the first time on the silver screen.