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Race 3 Movie Review


Rating: 1.5* / 5*
Duration: 2 hr 46 mnt
Story: Shiraz Ahmed & Kiran Kotrial
Producer: Ramesh Taurani & Salman Khan
Star Cast:  Salaman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem
Music: Vishal Mishra, Meet Bros, Salim–Sulaiman


Let’s set some context here. Nobody goes into a Salman Khan movie, helmed by none other than Remo D’Souza, expecting strands of logic and reason to come together in a compelling storyline. We didn’t expect great character development or crafty writing. All that Bhai seemed to promise was a romp for Eid with cars blowing up and the world coming to an end. But what if we told you that bhai fails to deliver, even that? Not that cars don’t blow up. In fact, if you see anything inanimate and mobile in the movie, take a safe bet on it getting blown to smithereens very soon. But Race 3 doesn’t let you invest in anything. The characters are caricatures of their caricatures. The writing is so sloppy that you don’t feel any exhilaration when bhai beats up the bad guys. The entire movie is a collection of action sequences that happen to coincidentally occur within a span of 2 hours, 46 minutes.


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Race 3, very obviously, has tried to copy ‘The Fast and the Furious’ concepts and approach. So much so that you have bhai saying, ‘parivaar’ almost as many times as Vin Diesel says family. Sheesh!  But it doesn’t work. Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) is a goon and tycoon who runs his business empire with much anger and aplomb. His children, the stepson Sikander Singh (Salman Khan), and Sanjana (Daisy Shah of ‘my business is my business’ fame) and Suraj (Saqib Saleem) are all fightings because… well, that’s not important.. Because, here is a Bentley that will blow up in a second by the way. Shamsher wants to get back to India and to do that, they need a hard drive with some damning information in it. The hard drive is in a vault and the vault is near a club, where the Dee Jay is going to Dee Jay while the fights are going to be fought. The rest of the story just writes itself, amidst kicks, punches, motorcycle chase sequences, car crashes, the flexing of bhai-ceps and dialogues that are meme goldmines.

Screenplay and Direction

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What? How dare we come to expect the existence of these vitally important aspects in a movie that is as amazing, flamboyant and story-barely-buoyant as Race 3? The writers Shiraz Ahmed and Kiran Kotrial, we hope, were asked by Remo to come ‘back in the Race’ only when he had his fill of blowing up things that the budget could afford. But when they came back to write, the film had already been shot and carved up like an Eid delicacy. Remo D’Souza does make the smart choice of hiring Tom Struthers (of Dunkirk fame!) to choreograph the action sequences. But then again, watching a SUV do three backflips and some moonwalks as well isn’t the entire idea of watching a movie.


Performances and Dialogue

Let us address the elephant in the race, whose business is none of your business by the way. If you think that seems cheesy, here is ‘iss ko dil nahin Dell khol ke dikhao’. Right. Some really nice reggae and smoke must have overseen the penning of such gold. After a few years, we might see such lines gather a cult following. But we have to wait till then. Because, now, the movie’s dialogues are as inane as they are plain and jarringly stupid. When it comes to performances, Salman Khan doesn’t disappoint because he is up to his exact bag of tricks. You know the sort of rabbits or bazookas that he is going to pull out of his hat. Bobby Deol does little to impress as he is too busy making sure that we all get to see his side of the bhai-ceps as well. Jacqueline tries hard but there is not much for her to do. Daisy Shah is as plastic as the memes make her out to be. The only silver, gray-haired lining in this is Anil Kapoor, who is at least believable as a nemesis and goon-turned-tycoon.


Race 3’s music is eventually going to play in some gyms and a few radio channels bound by contract. Tracks like Bas Party Chale On and of course, Selfish, are going to feature in this category. In terms of the romantic numbers, Heeriye comes up but fails to distract you from the mishmash of hilarity unfolding in your face.


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If only, and please make sure that you are, a true, hard-boiled, die-hard, staunch, avid, unshakeable Bhai-fan, then you can watch… no, sorry. We can’t bring ourselves to do it. ‘Ek baar selfish hoke, ye movie mat dekhona’ (thank us later).

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